Dive Truk Lagoon – 2nd edition news!

With the 1st edition completely sold out, we are working towards releasing a brand new, rewritten and expanded, 2nd edition in May 2023.

In addition to updating the 1st edition (2014) wreck illustrations of the main wrecks to reflect structural degradation and collapsing over the last 10 years, there are also new illustrations of:

IJN Futagami, Hanagawa Maru, Hoyo Maru, Katsuragisan Maru, Kikukawa Maru, Momokawa Maru, Nagano Maru, IJN Oite, Reiyo Maru, Taiho Maru, Yubae Maru and the newly discovered 300-ton IJN Salvage Tug, which remains as yet unidentified.

And here is the new cover!

Dive Truk Lagoon – the Japanese WWII Pacific Shipwrecks

The 1st edition is completely sold out both in the UK and the USA – but the good news is that I’ve finished the manuscript for a new expanded 2nd edition, with loads of new wreck illustrations. Anticipating it will be published around May this year … more details to follow!

HMS K-4 & HMS K-17. Firth of Forth, Scotland

Just back from a week’s expedition to survey the wrecks of the two K-class submarines K4 & K17 lost during the so-called Battle of May Island in the Firth of Forth on 31 January 1918. Amazing dive team – who gathered a vast collection of amazing video and stills – from which we are now processing 3D photogrammetery models of each submarine. More on that to follow!

Dive Team – left to Right
Stewart Braisher (crew), Steve Haddow (skipper), Gary Petrie, Paul Toomer, Chris Rowland, Rick Ayrton, Brian Burnett, Yours Truly, Steve Pryor, Peter Moir