My underwater video camera comes with me on every dive – and I have amassed a wealth of video footage of many of the world’s greatest shipwrecks.

The footage is available to production companies for licensing for TV by arrangement

These videos are all available to be viewed on my Rod Macdonald YouTube channel – more are added regularly

Videos available to date are split into:

1. Guadalcanal

2. Truk Lagoon

3. Palau

4. North Sea

5. Scapa Flow

Guadalcanal Videos


USS Aaron Ward

Catalina PBY Flying Boat

Catalina PBY Flying boat

USS Kanawha

USS Kanawha

North Sea videos

RFA Baku Standard

SS Fernside

SS Greenawn



Palau videos


IJN Aichi E13A Jake seaplane

IJN Amatsu Maru

Showa Maru No. 5

IJA Teshio Maru


Scapa Flow videos

SMS Bayern – German WWI battleship.

SMS Karlsruhe – German WWI light cruiser.

SMS Konig – German WWI battleship.

SMS Markgraf – German WWI battleship.

RFA Prudentia

Truk Lagoon videos

Aikoku Maru

Amagisan Maru

IJN Fumizuki

Gosei Maru

Hanagawa Maru

Heian Maru

Kiyosumi Maru

Momokawa Maru

Nippo Maru

IJN Oite

Rio de Janeiro Maru

San Francisco Maru

Seiko Maru

Shinkoku Maru

Shotan Maru

Unidentified IJN Salvage Tug

Unkai Maru No 6