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Hoki Maru shipwreck – Truk Lagoon

Just posted a new video tour of the wreck of the Japanese WWII transport Hoki Maru sunk at Truk Lagoon on 18 February 1944 during Operation HAILSTONE by Task Force 58 fast carrier planes.

Task Force 58: The US Navy’s Fast Carrier Strike Force that Won the War in the Pacific

My work is done! The final page set proof is done and dusted – and it’s all over to my publishers from here on.

It has been quite a task – it’s a massive story, from the genesis of naval aviation to the creation of the ultimate fast carrier striking force – Task Force 58. It has taken some 450 pages and 185,000 words to recount the brutality of naval air power from the Battles of the Coral Sea and Midway, through to the creation of Task Force 58 and the famous strikes against Truk, then Palau, the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot off Saipan – on to the complicated and near disastrous Battle of Leyte Gulf, to Iwo Jima, Okinawa and on to strikes against Japan itself.

Publishing this september in the UK with a US version being published by the Naval Institute Press in November.

Task Force 58: The US Navy’s Fast Carrier Strike Force that Won the War in the Pacific.

Delighted to announce that my new military history book about the legendary US Navy fast carrier Task Force 58 will publish in September 2021.

It was the fast carrier strike force that neutralised the Japanese fortress of Truk, then hit Palau, before devastating Japanese carrier air at the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot off Saipan, as the Allies moved to close Luzon bottleneck and the war moved towards Japan itself and its crashing nuclear finale.