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19 December 2018. Momokawa Maru – Truk Lagoon – new dive video released

19 December 2018. New Truk Lagoon video tour released – Momokawa Maru
The Japanese auxiliary transport vessel Momokawa Maru was sunk by a 1,000-lb bomb from an American Curtiss SB2 dive bomber on 18 February 1944 during the 2-day fast carrier raid, Operation Hailstone. She was set on fire, settled by the stern and rolled to port. Here’s the link to my YouTube channel for it – subscribe if you want to be notified of further wreck tours:

19 December 2018. New wreck video tour released – stern section of destroyer IJN Oite

The Imperial Japanese Navy destroyer Oite had rescued more than 500 crew from the sinking light cruiser IJN Agano and was entering Truk Lagoon on 17 February 1944 – just as the American Operation Hailstone 2-day fast carrier raid began. Trying to evade the U.S. attack aircraft she was moving at full speed and turning to starboard when she was hit amidships by an aerial torpedo. She split in two and sank quickly with great loss of life. Here’s the link to the YouTube video tour – subscribe if you want to be notified of further videos.