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SHIPWRECKS: When History Resurfaces

The 1st season of the new series SHIPWRECKS: When History Resurfaces has started on Sky History with Scapa Flow: Graveyard of the German Fleet, featuring yours truly. Grab yourself a beer and sit back for an hour’s fine entertainment at the bottom fo Scapa Flow. You can get it on demand at Now TV

25% discount on diving books!

My publishers Whittles have launched a promotional 25% discount on diving books. If we can’t actually get diving at the moment, next best thing is reading about it!

Diving the wreck of Hanagawa Maru – Truk lagoon

I’ve just published my latest dive tour video – the Japanese WWII transport ship Hanagawa Maru. She was sunk at Truk on 18 February 1944 by TBF torpedo bombers from the carrier USS Bunker Hill during the surprise 2-day 9-carrier raid by Task Force 58 codenamed Operation HAILSTONE

19 November 2020. Online ADEX chat with David Strike

This should be fun on Thursday 19 November – a one hour chat with the legendary Strikey, a driving force in our tech diving industry for many years. 1030 in the UK.
Thanks to Ewan Rowell for the photo of the deck cargo Type 95 Ha Go tank on the foredeck of Japanese auxiliary San Francisco Maru, sunk by Task Force 58 aircraft at Truk in Feb 1944 during Operation Hailstone

HMS Royal Oak – Scapa Flow

It was a privilege to play a tiny part in the recent detailed survey of the British battleship HMS Royal Oak, torpedoed at the start of WWII with great loss in Scapa Flow by Gunter Prien in U-47.

Here is a link to a beautiful film about the survey released today – it is a fitting tribute to those that perished.

Lest we forget

HMS Hampshire 100 Survey Report now available

The report of the Explorers Club flagged expedition I led with Paul Haynes and Ben & Emily Wade to survey the wreck of this famous warship under MOD Licence on the 100th anniversary of its sinking is now publicly available in the downloads section of this site here:

HMS Hampshire Expedition team with MV Huskyan staff in front of HMS Hampshire starboard propeller. From left to right. Ross Dowrie, Paul Toomer, Russ Evans, Gary Petrie, Immi Wallin, Kevin Heath, Emily Turton, Ben Wade, Paul Haynes, Brian Burnett, Rod Macdonald, Marjo Tynkkynen, Greg Booth, Prof. Kari Hyttinen, Prof. Chris Rowland and Mic Watson

The wreck of RFA Prudentia – Scapa Flow

The 2,781grt steam oiler Prudentia sank at Scapa Flow on 12 January 1916. She was lying alongside the oil storage vessel Hermione when, during a severe gale, she dragged her anchor. Her port shell plating was ruptured by Hermione’s anchor – she flooded and went to the bottom of the Flow. This wreck has, for fear of pollution, been off limits to divers since 1977 – however during the survey of HMS Vanguard, the survey team was granted rare access to inspect the wreck. Here’s the link to a short video of diving the wreck.

The wreck of RFA Prudentia – Scapa Flow

Drain the Oceans

Series 2 – Pacific Shockwave. National Geographic Channel

It was a pleasure working with the Drain the Oceans team for their Series 2 episode – Pacific Shockwave, which aired last week. My role was dealing with the sinking of the British battleship HMS Prince of Wales and the battlecrusier Repulse to a massed attack by 85 Japanese bombers about 200 nm north of Singapore at the beginning of the Pacific war.