Just posted another dive video on my YouTube channel, this time of the large Japanese WWII shipwreck in Truk Lagoon, Kiyosumi Maru. This ship started out life in 1934 as a passenger cargo liner but was requisitioned into the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) in 1941 in the run up to the Pacific War.

She served initially as an armed merchant cruiser before being reassigned as an auxiliary transport. She was undergoing repairs in Truk Lagoon from convoy bomb damage when the fast carrier strike force aircraft of Task Force 58 swept across the lagoon on 17 February 1944 in their surprise 2-day raid. A large target, she was bombed and sunk just off Fefan Island. She is now one of the most famous of the Truk wrecks.

Here’s a video tour, mainly inside the engine room.