It has recently become clear that illegal salvors have completely removed the Dutch WWII submarines HNLMS K XVII and HNLMS O 16 from the South China Sea off Malaysia. These are naval war graves holding the remains off 79 crew who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Sadly this just adds to an ever lengthening list of naval war graves that are being plundered for scrap in the South China Sea and Java Sea.

The British WWII war graves known to have been targeted are the Force Z battleship HMS Prince of Wales and the battlecruiser HMS Repulse. The 10,490-ton heavy cruiser HMS Exeter and the destroyer HMS Encounter have been completely dismantled and removed – whilst the destroyer HMS Electra has been gutted.

The 8,000-ton Dutch heavy cruiser Hr.Ms.Java and the light cruiser Hr.Ms.De Ruyter have been completely dismantled.

The Japanese destroyer IJN Sagiri has been salved. Three Japanese WWII losses in Usukan Bay Borneo, Kokusei Maru, Higane Maru and Hiyori Maru have been removed.

The Australian light cruiser HMAS Perth has been half removed and the heavy cruiser USS Houston has been targeted.

There are reports of a mass grave into which the remains of crew are dumped when found amongst the scrap.

It is disgusting